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BlueHost Datacenter


BlueHost Datacenter Summary

BlueHost is known for credible and unswerving web hosting solutions. Apart from the reliability of the BlueHost Uptime, which features 99.9 per cent average uptime, Bluehost also offers outstanding data center which reflects BlueHost high speed and high performance hosting package.

The BlueHost DataCenter is a first-rate data center since the company owns their private data center. Unlike other companies that rent data center, BlueHost has invested on having their own BlueHost DataCenter to better guarantee security and stability of their hosting service.

Located in Utah, BlueHost DataCenter is not at par with the latest technologies globally. Some of the features that are often highlighted in BlueHost DataCenter are its power outage, UPS power backup, mirrored storage backup, diesel generator, and other power-related features.
Due to the excellent power outage of BlueHost DataCenter, websites are not easily knocked offline. The power backup is superb hence there wouldn’t be much problem caused once power interruption occurs.

Another impressive feature of BlueHost DataCenter is its advanced servers. As you might have known, the servers are Quad Opteron Servers which mean optimal yet high-rated performance. The BlueHost DataCenter employs custom-built servers built by the company itself that has successfully catered to the web hosting needs of websites or varying sizes. This is because servers are Linux-based servers as well. This way, clients enjoy more protected, stable, and cost-effective web hosting services and solutions.

With the world-class features of BlueHost DataCenter, clients are ensured of a secure and excellent hosting infrastructure functions.

BlueHost Datacenter Details

BlueHost provides hosting solutions, which offer the perfect combination of affordability and reliability.  They have an excellent uptime history with several months this year boasting more than 99.9% average uptime.  Their hosting package reflects speed and performance.  Their data center can take much of the credit for such superb services.   

BlueHost has a world-class data center.  Many hosting companies just rent space in a data center.  BlueHost, however, has their own data center.  They do not rent space to other companies and can therefore further ensure security and stability.  The new BlueHost data center has all the latest in technology and is located in Utah.   

The data center for BlueHost highlights many features. If there is a power outage, the servers and websites are not likely to be knocked offline.  Their data center has UPS power backup.  BlueHost’s data center know features diesel generator power backup as well.  There should rarely if ever be interruptions in power.  Files are protected through mirrored storage backup.

At BlueHost, the network is monitored 24/7 providing a heightened level of reliability and security.  If there are problems within the network, they will be spotted virtually immediately.  BlueHost can quickly react to network problems so that the network can be backbone connection.  Their bandwidth provider is OX network.    

BlueHost’s data center is home to their advanced servers.  The severs are Quad Opteron Servers and are designed to provide optimal performance.  Servers are custom built by BlueHost to meet the needs of web hosting clients with websites of all sizes.  These are Linux based servers providing cost effective, secure and stable web hosting solutions.   

Not too long ago, BlueHost introduced a new bandwidth pipe.  The pipe increased the amount of bandwidth and added to the speed of websites.  BlueHost utilizes an OC-48.  BlueHost provides fast and reliable connections.   

The BlueHost data center is state-of-the-art.  Advanced servers and hardware add to the reliability of their hosting solutions.  The data center was designed to protect the hosting servers and other equipment.  BlueHost’s data center is also secure and security features are in place to protect the servers and customer data. 

Changes are often made to BlueHost’s hosting infrastructure.  Many changes have been seen over the years as the company continues to make advancements in technology.  When customer needs increase, BlueHost is more than willing to update their data center and continue to provide excellent hosting solutions. 

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